Powerful Whole Home Wi-Fi.

Cutting edge Wi-Fi

Powerful 2nd generation Wi-Fi 6 connects everything from uninterrupted surfing and streaming to balancing work and school.

Control in the palm of your hand

Easily enable Wi-Fi for your guests, set parental controls, with protection from malware and viruses—all from the Sherwood Connect App.

Extend your Wi-Fi Signal

Add Enhanced Wi-Fi, just $15/month!

Even with state-of-the-art access points, you can still have Wi-Fi issues. As you move around the house, you may not always experience the same great Wi-Fi coverage. There may even be dead spots in your house, in the garage, or in the yard, where you can’t connect to your Wi-Fi network at all.

Our Wi-Fi mesh units make it simple and inexpensive to make sure that you have the best whole home Wi-Fi experience and get a strong Wi-Fi signal everywhere.