Building for the future

Our city’s connected future

We want our network to last for generations. That’s why we’re building a 100% underground, fiber optic network, with excess capacity to support the city’s needs as Sherwood grows and changes.

As technology evolves, it’s important that the city evolves with it. Our community network could power innovations like:

  • Safety and security systems in our public areas
  • Enhanced Wi-Fi in our parks and open spaces
  • Intelligent control of our city systems
  • Careful planning for future connected technologies that may emerge

Pardon our dust!

What to expect during construction

Sherwood Broadband crews are currently hard at work building our network across the city. When we’re ready to connect your neighborhood and your home, our crews will do their best to minimize disruption and ensure a smooth, efficient experience.

Here’s what you can expect…

(Click here for a fiber construction visual guide!)

Before construction:

We’ll notify you when to expect our crews in your neighborhood. Before work starts, utility companies will mark their lines on your street and our team will place warning signage on streets and sidewalks.

During Contruction:

Our crews will extend the fiber from the street to your home by burying cables underground and connecting them to a small box on the side of your house. You and your neighbors won’t share a connection, which can help give you faster speeds and more reliable service.

There will be minimal digging near your residence unless absolutely necessary. And you don’t need to be home for any of this—our crews will take care of everything.


Once fiber has been brought to your home, our technicians will reach out to schedule your installation appointment. During this time, they’ll set up your new router and ensure your new Sherwood Broadband service is working properly.


Check out our FAQs, or contact our team by calling (503) 625-4270 or emailing us at We’re happy to assist.

Track our progress

Wondering when fiber will be at your door? Our teams our prioritizing areas with the highest demand. Click the link below to register your interest and find out where we’re building next.

Better Internet for Sherwood

Sherwood Broadband is the only all fiber internet provider that’s owned and operated by the residents of our community. Being local, we’re inherently invested in our neighborhoods, and we’re building the network our homes and businesses need for a connected future. As a community resource, we strive to uplift our community as a whole. For everything we do, we ask, “How does this benefit our area?” We seek to create a network accessible to everyone, moving towards a better-connected network of neighbors in Sherwood and beyond.

Reasons to Choose Us

Local & Reliable

Your community owned internet provider operated by the City of Sherwood.

We live and work in Sherwood and care about our community. We’re here when you need us.

Whole Home Connection

Our all-fiber next generation high-speed network is designed to bring you the fastest internet available.

Speeds up to 5 Gig* and powerful Wi-Fi 6e.

Simple & Accessible

A real person in your community will answer your calls.

We have simple, easy to understand billing with no contracts or hidden fees.**