Sherwood’s community fiber network is coming!

We’re Sherwood Broadband

We’re your community-owned internet provider operated by the City of Sherwood, serving Sherwood and the surrounding area for more than 17 years.

We’re working on a community-wide project that will bring fiber connectivity to all parts of the city.

This fiber project will enable smart technologies today and into the future. Sherwood residents will have another option for internet service, one that’s controlled by our elected officials. We believe it’s important for residents to have a say in how their broadband service is delivered and how pricing and policies are determined.

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Building for the Future

As technology evolves, it’s important that the city evolve with it and look for smart way to enhance our community, which includes:

  • Safety and security systems in our public areas.
  • Enhanced Wi-Fi in our parks and open spaces.
  • Intelligent control of our city systems.
  • Careful planning for future connected technologies that may emerge.

Fiber Projects FAQs

Frequently asked questions about our Fiber Network.

Community Impact

This project’s construction will require the presence of crews in your neighborhood – installing conduits, setting utility vaults, and pulling in fiber-optic cables. We recognize this will impact your neighborhood and we are making plans to limit disruption and inconvenience.

  • Our construction crews will be working in areas of Sherwood over the next 24 months.
  • In an effort to provide the best experience for our community, City crews will be used for construction.
  • Fiber-optic cables will be placed in the ground along streets – there will be minimal digging near residences.