Be a Broadband Booster!

Hey neighbor! We just launched a referral program called Broadband Boosters!  Get rewarded for spreading the word about Sherwood Broadband in your community.  Let your neighbors know what you love most about Sherwood Broadband! Is it the fast fiber internet, local and excellent customer service, or the consistently well priced packages? Whatever the case may be, let your friends and family know why you’re keeping your dollars local and you will BOTH be rewarded.   

  1. Enroll in our referral program by filling out the form above.
  2. Spread the word to your neighbors about Sherwood Broadband!
  3. Earn a free month of Internet when your referral signs up*
  4. Boom! Your neighbor earns a free month as well!

Refer family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers to receive one free month of internet per referral. Go for 12 to unlock a full free year! You’ll share the speed and the savings—each person you successfully refer also gets one free month of fast fiber internet.*

*The free month of service is equal to the service plan you and your referral have signed up for.  For example, if you refer someone and currently have the 2 gig plan, you will receive a credit on your bill equal to 1 month’s charge for the 2 gig plan.  If you refer someone and they sign up for the 1 gig plan, they will receive a credit equal to 1 month’s charge for the 1 gig plan.  Who qualifies as a referral? To receive one month of free internet, your referral must be within the City of Sherwood and live in a completed or under construction Sherwood Broadband service area,  complete sign-up, and have internet successfully installed.  There is no limit on how many customers you can refer and how many free months you can stack.  The offers above have no cash value.  Program terms and conditions are subject to change.  Enrollment in the referral program may result in your name and results being mentioned in promotional materials.