Be a Broadband Booster!

Sherwood Broadband is on a mission to create a next generation fiber network that’s accessible to every resident in our area. We’re doing this through our community-owned and operated business, while keeping investments, jobs, innovation, and growth within the local economy.

Join our Broadband Booster team to spread the word about why local matters, encourage people to support the movement, and help connect our neighbors in Sherwood and beyond.

  1. Enjoy perks with local businesses
  2. Earn 1 free month of internet per successful referral
  3. Help support Sherwood’s local economy

Refer family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers to receive one free month of internet per referral. Go for 12 to unlock a full free year! You’ll share the speed and the savings—each person you successfully refer also gets one free month of fast fiber internet.